Friday, June 17, 2011

Making of - Paz Amor Tolerancia + VIDEO

Hey everyone,

This is the process I followed to create the design for the DESTAPARTE challenge. Like I mentioned before I used Alchemy to create it. It took six different sessions to create all the elements that make up the final design. When you open up the program you have to change from LINE to SHAPE. Then go to AFFECT and check the following actions: GRADIENT, MIRROR, COLOR CHANGER. Now you are ready to start.

I then brought them all into Photoshop and pasted them into one file. I erased and redrew where I needed to in order to blend the pieces better and make them seem like one design. I set all the layers to multiply. This works best if you have a white background. All the files were in PNG format. (You can export SVG from the program and open it up in Illustrator, but I had problems exporting an image once there were too many elements in it).

Here is a small video sample of an image created in a similar manner using the program. Hope you like it and find it useful.

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