Monday, June 27, 2011

Jackie Giant Killer

Hey everyone,

This is my entry to the challenge called CGHUB and ImagineFX Bobby Chiu's Fairytales Re-imagined. I chose to redesign JACK THE GIANT KILLER. I chose to make the main character female. As I was working on the piece, I decided to design the lead character to help me solve problems I was having with the piece. I also designed the logo for the story as if it were going to be made into a movie, comic book, short film, cartoon series or whatever. I also developed 4 concept scenes of what it would look like. I had loads of fun working on this and I would love to develop the character and story more. Hope you like it.

You can find the work in progress images here:

Making of - Alice in Borderlands

Hey everyone,

This is how I went about to create this image.

1. I open up a new document (8.5X11) and I make the background darker (-25%). I chose one of my favorite sketching brushes and I lay down the general idea f
or the illustration. I normally explore 4 options for this by splitting the image into four smaller images, but this time I was very happy with my initial sketch.

2. I use a custom brush to lay down a vague idea of how the armor is going to work as well as other costume elements.

3. I define the features even further and start adding more tone to define form.

4. I add a CURVES adjustment layer. I select each channel individually to give the piece a wash of color. The good thing about CURVES is that you can add two colors at the same time. One for the lighter tones and one for the darker ones.

5. I add a new layer set to OVERLAY and I start adding color.

6. I add all the colors and define form and detail in a NORMAL layer.

7. I make her hair longer and start defining details more and more going from general to specific.

8. I define the face. I wanted to leave the face till the end. Sometimes I put too much emphasis on the face and forget to define other features.

FINAL TOUCHES - I add a color film texture and apply HIGH PASS filter set to SOFT LIGHT and at 50% opacity. I also added a LEVELS adjustment layer and make the overall piece brighter. I flip the piece because I prefer this composition. Done.

Alice in Borderlands

Hey everyone,

This is my take on last week's Chow(Character of the Week) on The brief was to design a warrior version of Alice. She has come back to Wonderland and it is a war zone. I had lots of fun working on this. I hope you like it.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Making of - Paz Amor Tolerancia + VIDEO

Hey everyone,

This is the process I followed to create the design for the DESTAPARTE challenge. Like I mentioned before I used Alchemy to create it. It took six different sessions to create all the elements that make up the final design. When you open up the program you have to change from LINE to SHAPE. Then go to AFFECT and check the following actions: GRADIENT, MIRROR, COLOR CHANGER. Now you are ready to start.

I then brought them all into Photoshop and pasted them into one file. I erased and redrew where I needed to in order to blend the pieces better and make them seem like one design. I set all the layers to multiply. This works best if you have a white background. All the files were in PNG format. (You can export SVG from the program and open it up in Illustrator, but I had problems exporting an image once there were too many elements in it).

Here is a small video sample of an image created in a similar manner using the program. Hope you like it and find it useful.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

DESTAPARTE - Paz Amor Tolerancia

Hey everyone,

This is my entry to the DESTAPARTE art challenge held by Coca Cola and Saul E. Mendez. The challenge was to create a Coke bottle design with your idea of a better world. My piece was inspired by the song "Peace, Love and Understanding" by Elvis Costello. Actually it was Chris Cornell's cover of the song that inspired me. I made this image using ALCHEMY. It's a free program you can find at
Hope you like it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 Categories

Hey everyone,

This is a freelance project I worked on last week. I was hired by the folks at to create icons for the different categories of items they sell. The go from adult, baby, electronics to movies, music, and travel. I had loads of fun creating all these icons. The line art was done in Photoshop and then converted and colored in Illustrator. I also created their mascot and all it's different versions. Check 'em out. Hope you like them.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Digital Painting Class

Hey everyone,

I just got back from teaching my first private digital painting class. It was great fun. I helped my student with his workflow and taught him about brushes and color. We also talked about lighting and textures. I did a demo of how I would paint one of his sketches. I taught him about thumbnails and composition. I'm pretty happy with how everything went. I look forward to teaching him again. It is true what they say that the more you teach the more you learn. I've experienced that mostly in my english classes but I can appreciate it more when it comes to art. If you live in Guatemala, let me know if you are interested in private classes as well. Later.