Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kocks Assemble!

Hey everyone,

I haven’t posted much recently because I’ve been busy with work and painting these images while keeping things under wraps.  I created these two parody images inspired by Marvel’s The Avengers.  I loved that movie so I wanted to create something using the characters from Kock Fighter Club.  The first image is a compilation of the team: The Kock of Thunder, Iron Kock, Kockeye, Kock Fury, Captain Kock and The Incredible Kock.  The second image was inspired by the funniest scene in the movie where Hulk smashes the crap out of Loki.  I chose to have him looking down on Massive Black, the biggest and meanest Kock in the KFC.  He is nothing next to the Incredible Kock.  I am very happy with how these came out.  I am posting some images depicting the process of creation for both images.  Stay tuned for more pieces similar to these.  Make sure to go and get your copy of this awesome movie.  Later.  

Monday, September 17, 2012

OMG Machines

Hey everyone,

These are some illustrations I created for my clients, Mike Long and Greg Morrison, for their website.  I had a great time working on these pieces.  It all started with the creation of the logo, which is the piece with the blue background.  Mike was very happy with the result and decided to create illustration pieces to describe or communicate more about what the site is about.  I would send him a sketch of how I visualized the scene.  Changes would be made and the sketch would get approved.  After that I would create a new layer a work on the final line art.  I used paths to create the clean line art.  I prefer paths now because the lines are sharper an no time is wasted erasing mistakes.  Once the final line art was approved, I would send a base color sample.  Then I would move to final shading using overlay layers with dark and light grays.  I would then color the line work to make the piece look more finished.  It looks ok with dark lines but it looks way better with colored line art.  I hope you like the pieces.  Make sure to check out their site and Make Money Online.  Later.