Monday, October 21, 2013



Legend tells of a group of merciless warriors that keep the Kock Fighters in check. These birds of prey are deadly efficient and go as far as they need to to get the job done.

I introduced one of these characters in the end of Volume 3.  Her name is Beatrix and she is a Peregrine Falcon.  I designed her in my sketchbook and then did the final pencil version.  This was later colored in Photoshop.  The character design part is what started this whole thing.  I love to do it.  I get on a roll and start designing a bunch of characters because I get a spark of ideas that I like to take advantage of.  I then proceeded to design 4 more characters.  I wanted to do 5 talons because it seemed like a nice round number.
I couldn't stop there so I designed 2 more.

I had loads of fun working on these characters.  I look forward to developing them in the coming volumes.  Hope you like it.

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