Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Hey everyone,

This is a piece I worked on this afternoon as I listened to artist talking from the Thriving Artist Summit. It is a mock cover of an issue of the digital comic I made last year of the Kock Fighter Club.  This would focus mainly on the fight between Attila Dahen and Baby Chick.
I did this piece because I have been struggling personally with what it is that I am doing with the Kock Fighter Club.  I want to license the property so better people than me can take this concept and make a great comic book, cartoon, video game, toy line or whatever else the property applies to.
So I decided to work on this mock cover more for myself than anything else.  I wanted to remind myself of the love I feel for this concept.  I want to make the most of out it since it is not everyday that you come up with something you enjoy so much working on and that thankfully a lot of people respond to.
I hope I can make something happen this year.  It is a fresh start full of opportunities.  I hope I have the wits to see them and the guts to take advantage of them.
Hope you like it.

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