Friday, April 17, 2015

Bruno Diaz es...

Hey everyone,

I have been a Batman fan ever since I was a kid.  I got hooked with the movies and the animated series.  I am not big on the comics though.  The inspiration for this piece was that Bruce Wayne in spanish is Bruno Diaz.  I don't know why cause all the other heroes have their names in english (Peter Parker, Clark Kent, etc) So I decided to go with that and set Batman in a hispanic setting.  He is known as El Hombre Murciélago and he fights crime in Ciudad Gótica.  I have included some exploration sketches.  You can see my take on Bruno without the costume.  I also did a sketch of his butler Alfredo.  I had fun with this piece.  I started working on El Comodin (Joker) sketches but I am still working through my ideas.  Hope you like it.

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