Monday, March 14, 2016

The Legend of Zelda - Warrior Princess

Hey everyone,

I just joined the Character Design Challenge group on facebook.  It is a fantastic source of reference for character designers.  I love character design and I look to learn as much as I can in the field.  This will be an amazing group to be a part of and I am sure I will learn a lot.

Their topic right now is based on redesigning The Legend of Zelda characters.

I decided to redesign the princess.  I was inspired by the Lone Wolf and Cub concept.  I haven't seen the movie or read the story but I thought it would be appropriate.
I envision Zelda like a wondering lone warrior.  She stumbles upon this abandoned baby (Link) on the road and for reasons even unknown to her, decides to take care of him.
I also wanted to play on the idea or concept of the "legend" of Zelda.  There are stories about this famous warrior.  I want to learn more about her.
I envisioned a great fighter but one that still has motherly instincts.  Like Cool Runnings says - A badass mother.

I had loads of fun working on it.  Hope you like it.

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