Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rooster Rumble Fight Club on Comixology

Hey everyone,

Just writing to let you know that my graphic novel Rooster Rumble Fight Club is now available for purchase at  You can find it here: This is a very awesome thing.  It is the first book I submit to comixology and it was approved after a couple of months or so.  I hope loads of people can check it out and that they enjoy it.  It is in the Indie section.
I haven't started on my next project.  I have been busy trying to stabilize my freelance artist situation.  I have been sketching versions of the main character almost non-stop.  I want to create something I am happy with as I am figuring out the final design of the main character.  It is also helping me define some story elements.
I will post an update once I have some information to share.  For now, make sure to check out Rooster Rumble Fight Club.

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