Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Nahuali - Quetzalcoatl

Here is another character from a personal project called Nahuali. It is a Mayan Sci fi Story that mixes concepts of the mayan culture with cyborg elements.  This is Quetzalcoatl.  
I like to jump from project to project to keep myself interested and motivated.  
I have other characters in the series that I want to design.  Stay tuned for those new videos.
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  1. Just wanted to post a comment here cause I saw there were none... So I felt like giving you some words of encouragement. This really is an awesome drawing man! Love the video too. I absolutely Love Quetzalcoatl and everything about the Mayans, Toltecs, and Aztecs in general. Especially the story of the Conquest of Mexico and Cortez & Montezuma.

    Its so sad how little "publicity" these cultures get compared to the more mainstream ancient/older civilizations. They are tragically under-represented. It seems like the only thing the average person knows about any of them is "human sacrifice" even though that was almost exclusively the Aztecs.

    Personally I would LOVE to see a story combining these cultures with something similar to Ancient Aliens. I'm not one of those people who think that really happened, but regardless, it would make the COOLEST story... As an example, an Alien scouting-party UFO crashes or lands here on Earth and chooses to share certain bits of knowledge and technology with us humans while they have us build them pyramids to be able to leave Earth. (Maybe even bringing a select Human or two with them?!?)
    Then the Mexican civilizations continue to build pyramids in their honor, begin worshiping them as Gods, and eventually start sacrificing people in an attempt to get them to return/ as a sign of their devotion. There's just so many unique stories and situations to imagine.

    Even though there is debate as to the legitimacy of "Hunab-Ku" aka the Galactic Butterfly I choose to believe that it's real and the Mayan & Aztec astronomers really did know about the Black Hole at the center of our Galaxy. If it is true its just So incredibly unbelievable to think about; considering that with all the technology we have NASA was only just recently able to confirm this.

    "I like to jump from project to project to keep myself interested and motivated." GOD-- as an aspiring author myself this sounds sooo familiar. I do this way too often, sometimes to my own detriment.

    Anyway enough of my rambling... you created an awesome and completely unique drawing and character! I've truly never seen a cyborg Quetzalcoatl before lol. For what it's worth I'm definitely interested in reading your story. So if you ever need someone to offer feedback or bounce ideas off of feel free to contact me. We can exchange emails or something. I'm also working on a project involving the Conquest of Mexico.