Monday, August 14, 2017


Hey everyone,

These are a couple of new characters designed for my Rooster Rumble Fight Club Graphic Novel. The first one is Anitza Kuritza.  She is a brilliant ballet dancer/computer wiz from Moscow.  She is graceful and kicks butt.
The other one is Sonyeon who is a great esports athlete from Seoul that is too young to participate in the RRFC so he created Goemul to fight as his champion.  He was inspired by his MMORPG heroes.
I have attached the making of video of one of them.
I love character design and this exercise helps me stay in touch with this creator-owned project that I have worked on since 2012.
These were made in Procreate which is an app I use on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil.  If you like to draw digitally I recommend getting the iPad with this app.  It is a pleasure to work it.
I also retouched some of these images in Photoshop.  
Speaking of the graphic novel, I have it in a Pay-what-you-want format.  You can find it here.  Hope you like it.

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