Thursday, January 31, 2019

Character Design Challenge - Mouse Warrior

This is my take on the Mouse Warrior for the Character Design Challenge of January 2019.  I love participating in these contests when the topic really speaks to me.  I went with a digital ink look for this piece.  I recorded the process in the video below.  Make sure to check out Character Design Challenge on facebook.  You will find some extraordinary interpretations of the concepts.  

Thursday, July 12, 2018

World Cup Squad 2018

Hey everyone,

These are a series of characters I designed to celebrate the 2018 World Cup being held in Russia. 
I love to draw anthropomorphic characters and football so I decided to blend the two.  It's been a wild ride with this World Cup and it is almost over.  I was rooting for a few teams in the beginning but I focused on England for the knockout stage of the competition.  I think big changes are coming for this team and great things are just around the corner.  Hope you like them. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Hyenarchy! - Character Design Challenge

Hey everyone,

This is a character I created for the September Character Design Challenge.  The theme was Punk.  I gathered some reference and decided to create a Punk hyena.  She is the lead singer of the punk rock group the Ha ha ha's.  I wanted a Disney inspired look for this character.  I wanted her to be cartoony but I wanted the lighting and rendering to be more complex. 
I am very happy with how this came out.  You can find the making of video below the image. 

Clue - Character Redesigns

Hey everyone,
These are the redesigns I did for the Cast of Clue, the board game. I taught a course at the University on Character design and this was the last project. I did it along with my students cause I thought it would be fun.  I set the characters in a french colonial era.  I had to look up reference for the clothing and hairstyles to set them in that particular era.  I liked how it encompasses different classes and races.  I also wanted to focus on a simple animation style without any shading.  I wanted to focus on the shapes and silhouettes of the characters.  I have included the video creation of Mrs. White.  Hope you like them.  

Monday, August 14, 2017


Hey everyone,

These are a couple of new characters designed for my Rooster Rumble Fight Club Graphic Novel. The first one is Anitza Kuritza.  She is a brilliant ballet dancer/computer wiz from Moscow.  She is graceful and kicks butt.
The other one is Sonyeon who is a great esports athlete from Seoul that is too young to participate in the RRFC so he created Goemul to fight as his champion.  He was inspired by his MMORPG heroes.
I have attached the making of video of one of them.
I love character design and this exercise helps me stay in touch with this creator-owned project that I have worked on since 2012.
These were made in Procreate which is an app I use on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil.  If you like to draw digitally I recommend getting the iPad with this app.  It is a pleasure to work it.
I also retouched some of these images in Photoshop.  
Speaking of the graphic novel, I have it in a Pay-what-you-want format.  You can find it here.  Hope you like it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Nahuali - Quetzalcoatl

Here is another character from a personal project called Nahuali. It is a Mayan Sci fi Story that mixes concepts of the mayan culture with cyborg elements.  This is Quetzalcoatl.  
I like to jump from project to project to keep myself interested and motivated.  
I have other characters in the series that I want to design.  Stay tuned for those new videos.
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Jason Vs Giants - Faith

Relapse happens when we take on our demons by ourselves. It is only by the help of God and our loved ones that we can overcome the giants that come to take our peace and our future. 
This is Faith. She is the wife of Jason in the story Jason Vs Giants. She patches him up and intercedes for him when he goes off to battle. This spiritual war demands a lot from everyone involved and it is only through unity that the war is won. 
There are three stages to this character: War Nurse, Warrior Healer and Armor of God. 

Hope you like it.

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My Battle with Addiction - Overcoming Sloth, Avarice, and Envy

Hi everyone,

Here are the last giants that were pending of being designed.  They are Sloth, Avarice and Envy.  I have attached the making of videos explaining more about how God helped me to overcome these giants.
I now have to keep refining how to elaborate on the story and presentation of the Jason Vs Giants project.  You can find all the images I have made for the project here 
I hope you like these.  Let me know how you would envision the giants of Sloth, Avarice and Envy.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Rooster Rumble FC Free Graphic Novel & other UPDATES

Hey everyone,

Here's an update on some characters I designed for Rooster Rumble FC.  I love this universe and I really enjoy working on new characters as they pop into my head.  The first one is Chompy, here is half chicken half turkey character.  The other one is an indonesian Rooster inspired by action movies The Raid and The Raid 2.  His name is I.M. Jantan.
I am also including the Character Design Free Tutorial I made on how to design Rooster Rumble FC fighters.
On a related note I decided to make my graphic novel available for free on my gumroad page.  You can get the Featherweight version of the graphic novel in a pay-what-you-want format.
I also worked on a pixel animation of how I envision the Rooster Rumble Fight Club Arcade Game to look like.  This is what happens when you have some free time and very little animation experience haha.

Procreate Sketches

Hey everyone,

 A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to get an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil.  It took some getting used to but I can honestly say that I love working on it.  Here are a few sketches I've done of some of my personal characters.  This is Jason of Jason Vs Giants, Nahual Balam, El Quetzal and Abeja Reina.
Here are the process videos from Procreate.  I gotta say, Procreate is a fantastic app.  It is so versatile and useful and the fact that it saves every brush stroke is so convenient.
I love watching these videos to give myself a better idea of my process.
I look forward to making more of these drawings.
Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Battle with Addiction - Overcoming Wrath

Hey everyone, 

This is a video where I talk about my battle with addiction to pornography.  In this video I talk about how I had to overcome the wrath that was consuming me from within to be free from addiction.  Choose your weapon.  
God has helped me beat this addiction through a course I took called Libres en Cristo or Free in Christ
You can find more info at the link below:

I will share more of these videos talking about my project Jason Vs Giants on a weekly basis.  
It is the story about my battle and if you want to help out or participate or share your testimony, let me know.  I'd love to hear from you.  

Hola a todos, 

Este es un video donde comparto mi testimonio sobre mi batalla contra la adicción a la pornografía.  En este video hablo de como tuve que superar la ira que me estaba consumiendo para ser libre de la adicción.  
Dios me ha ayudado a ser libre de este problema a travez de un curso que tomé llamado Libres en Cristo o Free in Christ.
Pueden encontrar mas información sobre el curso en este link:

También hablo sobre mi proyecto llamado Jason Contra Gigantes.  Es una historia de fantasia que habla sobre la batalla que toma lugar en el corazón y la mente de un hombre. 

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